Consumers Driven By Environmental Concerns


      by Greg Kishbaugh

     Last week, Tetra Pak, located in Vernon Hills, Illinois, released results from its 5th biannual environment survey, which highlights a rising demand for both renewable materials and increased environmental labeling among consumers worldwide.
     The report clearly shows a more engaged and informed buying public, one very much concerned with the environmental impact of a product’s packaging. In addition, the report shows that consumers hope to be even better informed as time progresses.

     In an effort to make informed choices, 37 percent of consumers regularly search for environmental logos on food packaging. Today, 54 percent of consumers trust environmental labels, compared with 37 percent in 2011. One in five consumers in the survey recognized the Forest Stewardship Council™ logo, with most able to associate it with sustainable forestry.
     Nearly 30 percent of consumers stated they look for environmental logos on packaging while shopping for beverage products.
     Naturally, most consumers remain committed to recycling in their homes, sorting all their discarded packaging appropriately. Along the same line, the ability to recycle packaging material is regarded as a top priority among CPGs when developing a product or a service.
     In the United States, recyclability is still the most understood environmental benefit when it comes to packaging but the research confirms a growing interest from consumers in learning more about renewable resources.
     The buying public seems unwavering in its commitment to bettering the environment and being good stewards of the planet. Forward-thinking packaging companies stand poised, as always, to make huge competitive inroads if they can adequately express the ways in which they share their customers’ environmental commitments.

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