Year: 2014

Lessening The Footprint

Considering the maturity of the packaging market, it is astounding the amount and scope of change it continues to undergo. With most consumers demonstrating increased concern over environmental issues, retailers, CPGs and converters have shown spectacular levels of innovation as they aim to meet increasingly stringent sustainability goals. Procter and Gamble recently released its 16th …

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Waste Not, Want Not

The USDA reports that 36 million tons of food is wasted each year in the United States alone, worth $162 billion. Per family, that comes to 654 pounds worth more than $936. Wasted food and consumer items is an enormous problem and one that consumers are beginning to recognize more. In a recent survey conducted by …

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A Timeline Of Innovation

The history of the flexo industry is intriguing not only for how far it has progressed, but for the odds it needed to surpass in order to attain its current status as a world-class printing process. A new infographic released from Anderson & Vreeland celebrates the history of flexo while also turning an eye toward …

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The Well-Being Of Packaging

One of the key drivers of the sustainability movement  comes from consumer goods companies committed to reducing packaging. Mondelez International, an American multinational confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate that comprises the global snack and food brands of the former Kraft Foods, has issued its first sustainability report entitled The Call for Well-Being, 2013 Progress Report. …

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A Surge In Labels

World demand for labels looks to remain strong in the coming years, increasing 4.9 percent annually to nearly 58 billion square meters in 2018 with a value of $114 billion, according to World Labels, a new report from Freedonia Group. “Renewed vigor in global manufacturing output will be the primary factor driving growth,” noted analyst …

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Gardening Waste

One of the most compelling and interesting components of the sustainability movement is that it has forced companies to think far beyond the normal parameters of their standard operating procedures. Case in point, Garnier, the beauty and skin care products producer, has figured out a way to turn its packaging waste into gardens. Teaming up …

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Money On The Table

Last week, DiTrolio Flexographic Institute in Broadview, Illinois, held an open house focusing on the myriad ways in which converters and machinery manufacturers in the flexo industry can take advantage of government funding for the training and education of their employees. The scope of the programs that are available are unimaginable and there’s no question …

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Environmental Stewardship

The Label Printers, Aurora, Illinois, has long been a champion of sustainability. The company has won back-to-back Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Awards and TLMI Environmental Leadership Awards, as well as an honorable mention from the FTA for its Environmental Excellence Awards. In keeping with its commitment to this increasingly important topic, the company’s Director of Human …

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Success In Increments

It’s part of our human nature that we like big, bold moves. And it’s no different for businesses. Every business executive has their eye out for the monster acquisition or the game-changing tech innovation. But it’s important for those very same businesses to be open to the realization that sometimes, good things come in small …

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The Rewards Of Change

The world around us is constantly changing. And while time advances in a linear way, nothing else does. The circumstances in which we find ourselves have an ebb and flow. The only constant is constant change. Sometimes change is moving us forward and sometimes it’s not. As I see it, our individual and collective challenge …

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