Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Staying Lean


       Kevin Wilken

     As we continue our ever-evolving journey as an industry and a company, I’ve had the privilege to learn quite a bit over the past year. Our industry continues to see consolidation, from the expanding reach of multi-national corporations to vibrant activity at the local and regional levels as niche brands and ‘boutique’ products emerge from the increasingly popular ‘farm to table’ and ‘buy local’ concepts. Both ends of the spectrum offer a lot of opportunity for printing and converting shops to carve out their own approach to supporting these market spaces. 

     To meet these ever-changing printed label and package demands, converters are more eager to invest in their operations while keeping workflows streamlined and Lean. They are looking for partners who understand their unique needs and will work closely with them to meet those needs. This means much more than advanced equipment. It includes a demand for access to knowledgeable, experienced people, able to help solve unique problems or work alongside the converter to optimize not only their equipment but develop sustainable, profitable operations.
     At Mark Andy, we continue to evolve as well, organizing ourselves to be a partner to printers and converters, fully supporting their productivity and profitability needs. This goes beyond our renowned and on-going commitment to designing and building the most relevant equipment for our industry.  Today, we are cultivating an organization able to support any aspect of print and pressroom workflows. Our goal is to be accessible and available every day to:
     • Educate converters with the best printing practices and maintenance training — Mark Andy University.
     • Share knowledge and expertise in response to day-to-day challenges from applications to automation — Mark Andy and Rotoflex’s vast engineering proficiency.
     • Provide the right supplies and consumables to keep your daily workflow running smooth — Mark Andy Print Products.

     Our Performance Series in-line flexo presses continue to set the pace with a high quality print platform that delivers productivity, reduced waste and enhanced profitability. These are proven deliverables as this quarter we close in on our 450th Performance Series installation. As we continue to develop this popular technology, an enhanced P3 S model will launch this year, which will grant an even wider range of converters access to the key benefits others have already discovered with the P Series platform.
      Advancing technology comes in our Rotoflex line of offline finishing as well. From new features including RMS, a Report Management System, which collects all data related to the inspection and drive system and consolidates it for analysis and future planning, to biometric recognition, which allows users different levels of machine access based on their organizational role (operator, supervisor, maintenance), Rotoflex technology is focused on automation and production tools to enhance pressroom productivity.
     Digital printing continues to evolve, and Mark Andy is vigorously committed to building equipment that drives serious, measurable success for the converter. New digital platforms must be smart, flexible and most importantly, adaptable and expandable to navigate the rapidly changing label and packaging landscape. Mark Andy’s Digital Series delivers the needed integration of multiple technologies, seamlessly combining the best of digital inkjet printing and key value-added features. The Digital Series enables flexibility and custom solutions to meet the unique needs of the varying business models we see in our industry today. It is a logical equipment strategy that embraces the on-going needs of the converter.
     As Mark Andy looks to the future, it is our aim to ‘be the supplier of choice throughout the product life cycle, offering high quality, innovative solutions that drive customer profitability.’ We are working very hard to be a Total Solutions Partner.
     We look forward to seeing where we can help guide the industry next.

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