DuPont Hosts Kenyan Flexo Seminar

DuPont Packaging Graphics recently conducted the second in a series of flexographic printing seminars in Eastern Africa in conjunction with flexo industry associates, including Tesa, Esko, Chespa, and Windmöller & Hölscher.
Held in Nairobi, Kenya, the seminar was attended by almost 50 printing experts representing the entire value chain from pre-press to press from more than 20 companies in the growing Eastern Africa region. The seminar was titled “Quality at its Best – Advancing Flexography in Africa,” and featured the use of DuPont™ Cyrel® flexographic systems.
“Eastern Africa is one of the fastest growing regions in the world where there is a significant increase in demand for sustainable packaging solutions, and a higher expectation of quality,” said Hans-Peter Hormann, Business Development Manager DuPont™ Cyrel® EMEA. “Flexographic printing is delivering sustainability, productivity and quality to help packaging printers address these needs [and] we estimate that more than 250 attendees from Nigeria, Tanzania, and Kenya have gained important insights from these seminars to date.”
“It is satisfying to see the enthusiasm of the attendees after presenting the printing results, which are standard these days within a flexo printing process,” said Johan Bastiaen, Sales Account Manager Middle East & Africa ,who represented Esko with his presentation “Results That Make You Smile.”
“There is no way not to roll out Flexo in Africa on a large scale,” said Vincent Marzin, Sales Manager Export Sales, Industrial Division, of Tesa. “There is a vast demand for quality and sustainability solutions.”
After watching the “Virtual drupa 2012” video from DuPont, Richard Okemwa, Sales Co-ordinator, from Sanjac Packaging Limited, the major flexo distributor in Kenya, commented, “We have not been able to attend drupa 2012 in Germany this time. However, we feel delighted to see, that drupa show came to us.”

“We see a great benefit for us, but also for the flexo market in Africa, to show effective printing solutions from pre-press, substrates, inks, flexo plates to flexo presses, that are cast in one pour,” said Joachim Siekiera, Chairman of the board, from Chespa. “This is really a great chance as we don’t build on legacy business, but provide almost a new flexo community on the green field. The demand is huge.” 
DuPont Packaging Graphics expects to continue the series of flexo seminars in Africa throughout the year and to strengthen a regional contact network through the African DuPont organization and through specialized dealers in the region.

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